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Mod. 370 A 60° CNC 1C
CNC bandsaw
Specifically Featured for being equipped with a loading device unit.
On request it can be built with simple wiring and equipped with the standard CNC control, so adding to the usual features of the 370 A 60 CNC, a longer carriage stroke. Quotation on request. 
Cutting capacity mm
90° mm 280 240 330x240
45° mm 225 215 230x140
60° mm 140 140 140x130
Technical data
Band dim. (L x W x H mm)
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
Transport dim. (L x W x H) mm
Weight Kg
Dry cooling device
Bundle clamping device - mechanic system
Loading unit C 6000 D 120
Loading unit CL 6000
Roller track